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1 Expanded Metal Ceiling Panels Selling Expanded Metal Ceiling Panels - Picture Mr_Wang_Shan.htmlMr. Wang Shan 13 Dec 2018, 03:31

Expanded Metal Ceiling Panels
Material: SS304, SS316L, Aluminum, Carbon Steel
Hole Shape: Diamond, Hexagon
Size for mesh panel:1000*2000mm, 1200*2400mm, 1250mm*2500mm, as customized
Hole Size: SWD: 5.0-60mm LWD: 10-150mm
Fabrication: Expanding
Application: Architectural ceiling, building space partition, site protection, indoor decoration.Aluminum Sheet Expanding for Ceiling Cladding

2 Rib Lath Selling Rib Lath - Picture Mr_Wang_Shan.htmlMr. Wang Shan 13 Dec 2018, 03:29


Ribbed lath is produced in hot dipped galvanized steel, zinc coated carbon steel or stainless steel.

Rib lath is ideal material used as a background for plaster, render, stucco application in construction of suspended ceilings partition, for civil engineering such as tunnel, bridge projects.

We supply:
Galvanized Rib Metal Lath, 2.5 Lbs., 27"X96"
0.45mm Galvanized Expanded Metal Rib Lath 2500m
Construction Steel Mesh Formwork Rib Lath
450mm Hot Dipped Galvanized Hy Rib Lath For Construction.

General Sizes:
thickness: 0.2-0.5mm
Rib height: 1/8", 3/8", 4mm,10mm
Rib Distance: 100mm, 150mm
Width: 610mm
Length: 2200mm.

3 Corner Bead Machine Selling Corner Bead Machine - Picture Mr_Wang_Shan.htmlMr. Wang Shan 13 Dec 2018, 03:19

Corner Bead Machine is designed for processing of expanded metals into plaster beads / corner beads / angle beads. Corner beads production line is supplied mainly with decoiler, forming machine, cutting devices.

Main Parameters:
1: Installing SIze: 15000x1100x1700mm
2: Total Net Weight: 2400kg
3: Cotroller: Relay Control
4: Total Motor Power: 10.2 kw
5: Speed: 10-18000 mm/min

4 Perforated Metal Machine Selling Perforated Metal Machine - Picture Mr_Wang_Shan.htmlMr. Wang Shan 13 Dec 2018, 03:18

Perforated Metal Machine

Sheet metal size: 1250*2500mm

Max. thickness of working material: 6mm

The precision of the hole punching ±0.1mm

The axis number-controlling Four (X.Y.T.C)

The precision of repetition cocalization ±0.1mm

The power of the main electrical machinery 3.0KW

Power Source 30KVA

The gas source pressure 0.55Mpa

Consumption Quantity 0.1m3/min

The outside size (L*W*H) : 4800*2560*2100

The weight of the machine: 9.5T.

5 Expanded Metal Mesh Flattening Machines Selling Expanded Metal Mesh Flattening Machines… Mr_Wang_Shan.htmlMr. Wang Shan 13 Dec 2018, 03:16

Expanded Metal Mesh Flattening Machines Main Features

•Bearing Transmission: Light load, low noise (replacing the traditional bush)
•Alloy roll: Long life, good quality flat finish
•Easy maintenance
•Automatic shutdown for energy: Reduction of labor cost.
•Spindle speed: 420 r / min.
•CNC brake function: Automatically brakes.
•The entire NC program in computer [PSC] control to ensure the quality of flattening
•Pulley portion: The flattening rolls can be adjusted up and down.
•Expanded metal sheet with a maximum thickness of 2.5mm and a length between 0.5m to 1.25m is applied to SQ series machine flattening.

6 Expanded Metal Sheet Making Machinery Selling Expanded Metal Sheet Making Machinery… Mr_Wang_Shan.htmlMr. Wang Shan 13 Dec 2018, 03:15

The Machines are designed for production of expanded metal sheets and rolls with the thickness of 0.5mm - 8.0mm and the maximum width of 2000mm. Metal plates processed include Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Nickel, Titanium as well as other materials. The shearing force of the expander is related to the thickness of the materials as well as the LWD. Considering the same thickness of the raw materials, the shearing force will increase with the decreased LWD.

The expanded metal production line covers machinery for sheet metal expanding, pressing and flattening, shearing and slitting.

Finished expanded meshes are used in construction, architecture , common hardware, fencing, window and door security, machine protecting, etc. Expanded metals are processed into corner beads, metal lathing, coils, decorative sheet for facade or wall cladding in various architectural designs, fences.

7 Angle Steel Bar Selling Angle Steel Bar - Picture Mr_Jin_Ding.htmlMr. Jin Ding 07 Dec 2018, 10:36

1.Types: equal and unegual sizes.
2.Size: 25mm--200mm
4.Material: Q235, Q345/SS330, SS400/S235JR, S355JR/ST37, ST52
5.Quality control: test products' mechanical and chemical properties in every
procedure (third party inspection institution: CIQ, SGS, ITS, BV)
a) We can supply various models, specifications, and varieties of steel
equal or unequal angle bar, which conform to the national standards
b) The surface can be painted or galvanized

8 U Channel Steel Bar Selling U Channel Steel Bar - Picture Mr_Jin_Ding.htmlMr. Jin Ding 07 Dec 2018, 10:35

U channel steel bar can be supplied in different grades.
Dimension: 51*25*3mm-305*80*13mm
Bar Thickness: 3mm-13mm
Steel Bar Length: 6m,9m, 12m

U Channel Steel Bar
75*40*3.8*7.0 5.3
75*40.0*4.0*7.0 5.6
75*40*4.5*7.0 5.85
75*40*5.0*7.0 6.92
100*50*3.8*6.0 7.3
100*50*4.2*6.0 8.03
100*50*4.5*7.5 8.97
100*50*5.0*7.5 9.36
100*50*6.1 10.6
125*65*5.2*6.8 11.66
125*65*5.3*6.8 12.17
125*65*5.5*8.0 12.91
125*65*6.0*8.0 13.4
150*75*5.5*7.3 14.66
150*75*5.7*10.0 16.71
15.*75*6.0*10.0 17.9
150*75*6.5*10.0 18.6
150*75*9.0*12.5 24

9 Round Steel Bar Selling Round Steel Bar - Picture Mr_Jin_Ding.htmlMr. Jin Ding 07 Dec 2018, 10:30

Round steel bar is widely used in boiler, power station, shipping military, chemical industry, environment protection, traffic, food industry, medical equipment and so on.


Technics : hot rolled /cold drawn

1.Surface Finished: black , galvanized, stainless, welded and seamless

2. Length 6m-12m

10 Square Steel Bar Selling Square Steel Bar - Picture Mr_Jin_Ding.htmlMr. Jin Ding 07 Dec 2018, 10:29

Square steel bar, is a kind of steel product with square section. It is divided into two kinds---hot-rolled and cold-drawn and the specification can be described by the unit of the side length "mm".

-Machinery structure,
-Iron Processing

Grade: Q195, Q235
Size: 8-40mm, Length 6 m

11 Hot Rolled Ribbed Steel Bar Selling Hot Rolled Ribbed Steel Bar - Picture Mr_Jin_Ding.htmlMr. Jin Ding 07 Dec 2018, 10:24

Spiral ribbed steel bar is a kind of cold rolled steel bar ranging commonly from 5mm to 12mm.

(1) : Standard: GB13788-2000;
(2) Grade: CRB550; CRB650; CRB800; CRB900; CRB1170;
(3) Diameter: 5.0mm; 5.5mm; 6.0mm; 8.0mm, 10mm; 12mm;
(4) Rid: three side half monn size, or customized.
(5) Packing : Coil:1.0-2.0tons/coil; or Length: 2.0---12m/bundle;
(6) Packing: Coil and bundles with six steel strip tie.
(7) Tensile strength: CRB50> =550Mpa; CRB650> =650Mpa; CRB800> =800Mpa;

12 Hot Rolled Deformed Mild Steel Bar Selling Hot Rolled Deformed Mild Steel Bar - Picture Mr_Jin_Ding.htmlMr. Jin Ding 07 Dec 2018, 10:23

Deformed steel bar is manufactured according to Standard BS4449 Grade460B, ASTM A615 Grade40-60 GB1449, HRB335, HRB400, HRB500.

Size: 6 - 32mm or 8-40mm; Length: 6 ~ 12m
Material grade: AISI 316L, 316, 310S, 310, 303, 304, 317, 321, AISI 410, 420, 430, 430F, 431, 416 AISI 201, Y201Cu,202.

Major Products
Hot rolled deformed bar Grade -40 is a popular building material for export. BS standard or other international standard meeted. The minimum elongation is 12%, major sizes as following:

- Hot Rolled Ribbed / Deformed Steel Bar 10mm x 6mm
- Hot Rolled Ribbed / Deformed Steel Bar 12mm x 6mm
- Hot Rolled Ribbed / Deformed Steel Bar 16mm x 6mm
- Hot Rolled Ribbed / Deformed Steel Bar 20mm x 6mm

13 Non Alkali Fiberglass Reinforcing Mesh Selling Non Alkali Fiberglass Reinforcing Mesh… Mr_Wang_Xinni.htmlMr. Wang Xinni 27 Nov 2018, 06:48

Fiberglass mesh is mainly used in the wall constructions (insulation EIFS system, EPS board, gypsum board, bitumen reinforcing).

Fiberglass mesh owns high strength, good cohesion and can well combine with EPS board firmly. Fiberglass mesh is resistant alkaline material among the building material, it can be used to prevent the walls from cracking and reinforce walls stress resistance and impact resistance. Fiberglass mesh is an ideal material for building engineering. It is widely used for waterproofing in roofing applications, and Exterior Insulation Finishing System( EIFS) , also known as EIFS mesh.

EIFS Fiber Mesh Sizes:
Weight (density) :75g/m2-165g/m2
Mesh Size :4x4mm,5x5mm,10x10mm.
Color: white, blue, orange, green
Width: 1000mm or as agreement with a customer
Roll length: 50m or as agreement with a cut.

Fiberglass plaster mesh rolls:
Material: E-glass or C-glass
Color: white (standard), blue, green and others
Weave: Leno
Weight: 75-160g/sqm
Mesh Counts: 6x6mm, 5x5mm,4x4mm
Width: 1m
Roll length: 50m or custom

14 Non Alkali Self - Adhesive Type Fiberglass Mesh Tape Selling Non Alkali Self - Adhesive Type Fiberglass… Mr_Wang_Xinni.htmlMr. Wang Xinni 27 Nov 2018, 06:46

Self-adhesive tape is mainly used in repairing the crack and joints or holes of drywall, plasterboard, stucco. Also called stucco netting.

Non-alkali adhesive fiberglass mesh tape offers the following features:
1. Good performance of alkaline-resistance
2. High tensile strength and deformation-resistance
3. Excellent self-adhesive performance
4. Simple and easy to be applied

General Specifications We Supply:
1) Fiberglass mesh size: 2.85 x 2.85mm (9 x 9 mesh), 3.2 x 3.2mm (8 x 8 mesh)
2) Tape width: 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, etc.
3) Tape roll length: 20 m to 900m, Any demand length is available, or according to client requirements
4) Colors available: White, yellow, grey, silver, blue, black, etc.
5) Main size: 50mm x 90m, 50mm x 45m, 50mm x 20m, 50mm x 153m
6) Packing: Inner packing: Shrink packing or plastic bag
Outer packing: 24 rolls or 54 rolls or 72 rolls/carton or pallet packing

15 Aluminum Foil Self-Adhesive Fiberglass Tape Selling Aluminum Foil Self-Adhesive Fiberglass Tape… Mr_Wang_Xinni.htmlMr. Wang Xinni 27 Nov 2018, 06:43

Aluminum foil self-adhesive fiberglass tape is mainly used for sealing joints and seams against moisture and vapor on foil jacketing insulation.

Material: Alum-Glass Cloth (Foil: 7u) + Silicone Release Paper
Backing material: Lamination of aluminum foil and fiberglass cloth, high-performance pressure sensitive adhesive, white silicon release paper
Adhesive Type: Flame Retardant Solvent Acrylic Adhesive/ solvent/water-based Acrylic/Synthetic Rubber-resin
Liner: PE coating, siliconized, flat, white, paper release liner

Width: 40/50/60/75/100/120
Foil thickness: 0.02-0.07 mm
Length: 30/40/50/100
Jumbo rolls and finished slitting rolls are available

16 Polyester Film Electrical Insulation Tape of Various Colors Selling Polyester Film Electrical Insulation Tape… Mr_Wang_Xinni.htmlMr. Wang Xinni 27 Nov 2018, 06:41

With polyester film as the bottom material, polyester film tape adopts crylic acid polyester as the sticky agent. The synthetic tape offers excellent anti-chemicals, anti-chemical agent, anti-damp capability, and anti-incision and abrasion. It is used for loop packing, motor stator loop covering, and power resource transforming loop packing.

We supply the following products:
Polyester film electrical insulation tape of various colors
High adhesion acrylic polyester film tape
Pet double sided tape for sticking battery

17 E-Glass Fiber Filament Yarn Or C-Glass Fiber Filament Yarn Selling E-Glass Fiber Filament Yarn Or C-Glass Fiber… Mr_Wang_Xinni.htmlMr. Wang Xinni 27 Nov 2018, 06:39

Textured fiberglass yarn is manufactured by E-glass fiber filament yarn or C-glass fiber filament yarn. It is used for making textiles like fiberglass mesh, cloth, tape, for wrapping heat conducting pipes and electrical cables, etc.

Technical Info of Fiberglass Yarn:
Physical Property:
Thermal conductivity: < 0.035k/m.hr.Co
Moisture content: < 2%
L.O.I: < 16%
Temperature : up to 550Co
420tex , 600tex, 1200tex , 2400tex , 4800tex

18 Cross Weave Adhesive Fiberglass Filament Mesh Tape Selling Cross Weave Adhesive Fiberglass Filament… Mr_Wang_Xinni.htmlMr. Wang Xinni 27 Nov 2018, 06:38

We provide the following products:
Reinforced strapping fiberglass cross weave filament tape;
Closed Woven high-strength filament reinforced tape with mesh fiberglass yarn for marine uses;
Heavy duty fixing high adhesion filament fiberglass adhesive tape;
Alkali resistance cross weave filament tape for drywall plastering;
Pet bi-directioanl cross weave fiberglass filament tape;
Double side cross weaving fiberglass tape applied to up to 550 degree.

Features and Uses: Cross weave fiber tape has a strong viscosity and high tensile strength, making a versatile adhesion on various materials including rubber, PP/PE, PET/PBT and general plastics. Leaves no adhesive residue, insulation and so on. Remains good adhesion at wide temperature range (depends on the nature and the weight of the sealing materials) . Cross-weave fiberglass filament tape is an ideal sealing material for bundling and strapping heavy goods, security pallets and reinforcement of shipping cartons.

General Specification and Technical Details
Specifications: Jumbo roll specifications: 1040 (1,020mm usable) x 1,000 meters
Color: transparent
Tape Backing: PET film
Silicone: Acrylic
Fiber Type: Cross fiber/Straight line fiber
Reinforcement: fiberglass yarn
Adhesive type: hot melt pressure sensitive
Total Fabric thickness: 0.15 ±0.01mm
Peel adhesion: 40 ±5n/25mm
Tensile strength: 1,000n/25mm
Holding power: > 72 hours
Elongation: 3%

19 Stainless Spikes Selling Stainless Spikes - Picture Mr_Zhang_Dan_Biao.htmlMr. Zhang Dan Biao 13 Nov 2018, 06:06

Deterrents With SS 304 Pin Point Along Pc Base, 320 X 50 X110mm, Covering 170mm, With 40 Spikes.

Materials: Stainless steel. The product base is made from high quality polycarbonate. No loss of mechanical strength at a temperature of 130 degrees centigrade. The protruding spikes are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel and have a tensile strength of 1600N/mm. The length of each spike is 110mm and has a diameter of approximately 1.3mm. It is easy installed along the walls and roofing, to deter pigeons and seagulls from landing and roosting.

Material: AISI 201,304, 316
Super Tough PC Polycarbonate Base Stainless Steel Bird Spike
50CM base length with many kind spikes shapes.
PC base
20-60PCS spikes per base
Protection area: Line -8 inch
Rows: 1- 5 rows.
The spike strip consists of a spring tensioned uv coated stainless steel wire installed at different heights.

20 Anti Climb Strips, in Soft Pp Material Selling Anti Climb Strips, in Soft Pp Material… Mr_Zhang_Dan_Biao.htmlMr. Zhang Dan Biao 13 Nov 2018, 06:05

Plastic spikes are commonly used to deter unwanted pests, fox, squirrels, cats, birds and small animals. The spikes are composed of rows of tough polypropylene pointed cones. Less agressive. Unharm to animals. Variety of heights, strip length and spike heights. Can be easily mounted to walls and fence tops.

Ways of Fixing: With nails, screws or adhesive.

PP Deterrents

Anti Climb Strips, In SOft PP Material, 490 X45mm X17 Mm Spikes (Screws Not Include), Holes Available For Easy Screw Fixing.


Product Name
Plastic spikes for Pets, Birds, Squirrels, Fox, Cats. Small Animal Deterrent Products

Material pp
Sizes 490 x45mm x17 mm, 490 x 45 x 20mm, 450 x 45mm x 15mm, 500 x 45 mm x 15 mm spike
Feature Easily assembled and rot proof, UV Weather Resistant.
MOQ 1000 pcs
Color Coffee / Green / Custom colors
Packing 10pcs / White box

21 Chain Link Fence Security Spikes Selling Chain Link Fence Security Spikes - Picture Mr_Zhang_Dan_Biao.htmlMr. Zhang Dan Biao 13 Nov 2018, 04:00

Blade security razor spikes are easy to install. Select the pre-punched holes required and fix with approximately 5 tamper-proof hammer drive zinc alloy fixers, self tap screws, blind rivets or wood screws.

The fencing rails are galvanized with the option of powder coating in a choice of colors, providing long term protection to your security investment.

Correctly installed on a proper structure, it provides a formidable barrier yet is aesthetically pleasing in appearance.

22 Chain Link Mesh, Barbed Wire, Razor Wire Tapes Selling Chain Link Mesh, Barbed Wire, Razor Wire… Mr_Zhang_Dan_Biao.htmlMr. Zhang Dan Biao 13 Nov 2018, 03:58

Chain Link Mesh + Barbed Wire

At the end of the fence column will be italic angle of 45 degrees contains 3 slots to enter Barbed wire. Also called barb wire support arms.

PVC coated Barbed wire: thickness 3 mm after coated
Arm angle 45 degrees: contains 3 slots to enter Barbed wire.
Three types of barbed wire toppings according to twisting methods:
1) single strand, 2) double strand double twisted and 3) double strand common twisted barbed wire. PVC coated or galvanized finishes.

Airport Fence, Security FenceAnti-Climbing Barbed Wire TOPPED modular Chain Link Fence Panels
Chain Link Net + Razor Wire Tapes

High security chain link fence has razor wire or concertina wire tapes to reinforce the security.  Can be used for military uses.

Chain Link Fence with Razor WireHDG Steel Fence post supported Hot Dip Galvanized Concertina Razor Coils for Chain Link Fencing Tops

23 Fence Posts Selling Fence Posts - Picture Mr_Zhang_Dan_Biao.htmlMr. Zhang Dan Biao 13 Nov 2018, 03:56

Metal posts used for chain link fence can be Holland post, T post, round tube posts, peach post or square tube posts.

Types of Posts:
T post is also written as T bar post or American Standard Studded T Bar Post. The fence posts are divided into Euro post, American post or Australia Post according to different styles for target markets. T post can be designed with or without spades.

T-Post can be steel fence post with Black Bitumen Coating, powder pvc coating, T-Post galvanised.

The metal steel posts are mostly used with wire mesh fence fabrics as support parts for fencing system.

Major finishes: hot dipped galvanized steel posts, or powder coated pvc posts with black, green and other colors.

Billet Steel Studded T post:

Weight: 0.83, 0.85, 0.93, 0.95, 1.15, 1.25 and 1.33lbs
Painted or without paint
Available with spade or without spade
Material: rail steel and billet steel

Billet Steel T Post, Fence Posts for Chain Link Fence and Mesh Fences

24 Chain Link Fence Gates Selling Chain Link Fence Gates - Picture Mr_Zhang_Dan_Biao.htmlMr. Zhang Dan Biao 13 Nov 2018, 03:29

Chain Link Fence Gates can be custom made into a range of styles, gate height and colors. We mainly supply walk-in gates, single swing gates, double swing gate, cantilever chain link gates without roller, or with roller. Major types illustrated as below.

Single swing chain link gate can be made with a larger opening. It is open only by ensuring there is enough space. The fence gate can be automated.

Double swing gate can be automated. Two Swings and a down pole connected to close the gate.

Cantilever Gate:
This gate can also be made with automated open.

Cantilever Chain Link Fence Gate with a roller:
Rolling on the ground, connected to a rail fence. These doors do not automatically open, you need enough space to rollback.

Chain Link Fence GateGate with Hinged PostFence gate with hinge post, lath post and trust rod

Installation of Fencing Gates:
Step 1: Install the line post and terminal posts by using of tension bands, brace bands and bolts.
Step 2: Attach line post caps. Join the top rail with swaged end. Plain end of the top rail fits into rail end fittings on the terminal post.
Step 3: After assembling framework as above, unroll the chain link netting fabric on the ground along the fence line starting at terminal post.
Step 4: Then slide the tension bar through the last link in the fence fabric and attach this combination to the terminal post using tension band and bolts.
Step 5: Adjustment of mesh netting. If more or less netting fabric is required to span the opening, an additional amount can be connected or removed.
Step 6: The chain link fence netting shall be on the outside face of all posts and loosely attached to the top rail by a tie wire.

25 Hot-Dipped Galvanized Fence Staples U-Nails Selling Hot-Dipped Galvanized Fence Staples U-Nails… Mr_Zhang_Jianso.htmlMr. Zhang Jianso 30 Oct 2018, 09:16

Fence staples U-nails have the body of a nail bent into the shape of a "U" and pointed on both ends. Diamond point, smooth shank, designed for attaching woven wire fencing, welded mesh fence or barbed wire to timber fence posts. U common nails are also used for buiding construction, packing and furnitures. Varieties include Fence Staples, Poultry Netting Staples and Hoop Staples. We export staple fasteners to the United States, India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Afghanistan, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries.

Hot-dipped Galvanized Fence Staples U-Nails:

Shank: smooth, barbed


Length: 3/4"-5"
Finish: E.G., H.D.G, Polished.

Hot-Dipped Galvanized Fence Staples U-Nails

1.Material: low carbon steel wire rod, Q195
2.Diameter: 1.5mm-5.0mm
3.Length: 15mm-50mm
4.Surface treatment: mechanical galvanized, electro galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, polished/bright.
5.Shank: smooth, barbed
6.Point: diamond, skew point (presser point)
7.specification of U nails:

26 Copper Coated Steel Clout Nails Selling Copper Coated Steel Clout Nails - Picture Mr_Zhang_Jianso.htmlMr. Zhang Jianso 30 Oct 2018, 09:14

Steel wire nails and screws plated with copper, brass or bronze are mainly used for furniture framing and construction uses. The colored coating has a decorative effect as well as protective effect for the iron nails. Two major types of furniture nails are clout screw nails and brad nails.

Screw Clout Nails for Construction

Nail length:1''--9''

Nail diameter:1.0mm --5.0mm

Screw Shanks: Plain, round
Points: Diamond point, round point
Head: Common head, countersunk head, lose head , flat countersunk chequerred head
Usage: Mainly for Industry, building construction, wooden cases & furniture etc.

Big Cap Screw Nails for Roofing Construction

Copper Coated Steel Furniture Screw Nails
Nail Materials: Iron, carbon steel, stainless steel
Head type: Flat, round flat, oval, headless

Shank type: smooth, spiral, Annular, grooved

Surface treatment: Plain, galvanized, black, Copper, brass, phosphorate bronzed

Head diameter: 3/16"~1/2 inch

Shank diameter:1.5mm~6.35mm

Length: 3/8"~7"

27 Galvanised Steel Masonry Nails With Washers Selling Galvanised Steel Masonry Nails With Washers… Mr_Zhang_Jianso.htmlMr. Zhang Jianso 30 Oct 2018, 09:12

Masonry nails are usually manufactured in three different types: round, square, and fluted. We can supply masonry nails with washers.

Bending - resistance and anti - extension steel nails for masonry buildings:

Nail length : 16mm - 150mm / customized

Head Diameter : 3mm - 10mm / customized

Shank Diameter: 1.8mm - 5.0mm / customized

Surface Treatment : Black / Galvanized / Painting /Polished / Customized

Material : ASTM1045, ASTM1055, ASTM1065

28 Collated Steel Finishing Nails, For Furniture And Wooden Casing Selling Collated Steel Finishing Nails, For Furniture… Mr_Zhang_Jianso.htmlMr. Zhang Jianso 30 Oct 2018, 09:10

Finishing Nails for Carpentry: Paneling, Molding and Interior Finishing and Decoration of Wooden Furnitures

Finishing nails are popularly used for interior construction of buildings (walls, roofs, etc), and wooden furnitures finishing uses.

Small head brad nails are great for finishing jobs because they can be fully driven into the surface and painted over. Supplied in collated form for nailing gun uses.

Wire Gauge:16
Type: T Series Nails
Thickness*width: 0.064"*0.053"
Nail Length: 1", all sizes of T series nails are available
Material: Galvanized steel wire
Colors: copper, gal, golden, red
Used for furniture installment, etc.
Size: T10 T20 T15 T20 T25 T35 T40 T50

29 Common Nails Smooth Shank For Wooden Furniture Paneling Selling Common Nails Smooth Shank For Wooden Furniture… Mr_Zhang_Jianso.htmlMr. Zhang Jianso 30 Oct 2018, 09:09

Common round nails are made with round caps, small head, clout head and countersunk checkered heads.

Surface treatment: polished or electro galvanized
Length: 1/2" - 8"
diameter of the shank: BWG5 - BWG17

25kgs/carton in bundle,
5kgs/box, 4 boxes/carton
Gross weight: 7kgs/carton with 16boxes

30 Ss Nails Selling Ss Nails - Picture Mr_Zhang_Jianso.htmlMr. Zhang Jianso 30 Oct 2018, 03:47

Concrete Wall Construction Nail Fasteners
Stainless Steel Coiled Nails

Wire collated nails are mostly used for crating and pallet siding and fencing applications. Coil nails allow the operator to hold more nails in the gun and reduce reload time. The nails come in all forms of vinyl coated and galvanized finish, as well as deformed shanks with varying holding power such as smooth, screw and ring.
15 degree wire collated stainless steel nails

Polished Steel Brad Head Nails

Material: Q195, Q235, steel
Shank Diameter: 1.2mm-10mm
Popular size: 2.8*50mm; 3.75*75mm; 4.5*100mm
Head: no head, brad head
Finish: polish/bright, Electro gavlanized, hot dip galvanized
Usage: building material, wooden furniture, decoration filed.

2.8*50mm plastic bucket polish Brad Head Nails
Plastic Strip Nails:

21-degree plastic strip nails;
21 degree 3.8*75 round head plastic strip nail;
21 degree round head plastic collated nail;
Flat head plastic strip steel nails.

31 How To Fix My Printer Offline? Company News Miss_Maria_Britt.htmlMiss Maria Britt 01 Oct 2018, 06:37

If you are operating to your computer and taking prints from your HP printer, however suddenly a message flash for your display screen, pointing out "printer is offline". And after this, your printer is not printing a unmarried paper and your paintings is interrupted. If you have got modern Windows 10 or Windows eight model on your PC/Laptop, then to restoration printer offline problem you need to download HP printer and Scan health practitioner to troubleshoot printer offline error. In case, you aren't using the latest version then just circulate to the following step. Here, observe the stairs to apply it:

  1. At first, down load the Software.
  2. From down load location run exe
  3. As the downloading procedure is completed, press Start button and after it, pick out your printer call from the list.
  4. If your printer call isn't present in the list then switch it Off and On again after which tap Retry.
  5. If you come upon any interconnection problem, then for similarly commands look within the tool.
  6. Here, tap on Fix Printing.
  7. Now after solving, faucet test Print and wait till it responds to check fail.
  8. Then right here in subsequent step, go to No Print alternative, and restart your print machine.
  9. If still, your HP printer says offline, then flow to next step.


32 Black Iron Weld Mesh Net Selling Black Iron Weld Mesh Net - Picture Mr_Cu_Lee_Li.htmlMr. Cu Lee Li 30 Sep 2018, 03:34

Black mild steel wire mesh is a kind of plain welded wire fabric made of iron wire without any further surface treatment. Available in both flat panels and rolls in wide large range of wire gauges and mesh sizes. All the non-galvanizing welded meshes are manufactured from bright re-drawing mild steel wire with each intersection electronically welded. Mainly used in building construction, mine pits / tunnel supporting and reinforcing, breeding and other fields.

Wires running the length of the panel or roll which are known as the line wires, to which cross wires are welded at right angles. Panels are available with either flush edges or with overhangs where cross wires will project beyond the outside line wires. The holes can be rectanuglar or square.

33 Rib Lath Girder Boxes of Galvanized Steel Expanded Metal Sheet Selling Rib Lath Girder Boxes of Galvanized Steel… Mr_Cu_Lee_Li.htmlMr. Cu Lee Li 30 Sep 2018, 03:29

We supply expanded steel rib lath box girders, in various widths, rib heights and rib spacings, available in stainless or galvanised steel.

Galvanized steel zinc plated rib lath box girder is processed from coils of sheet steel. The sheet is slit and expanded into a herring bone pattern with metal ribs running about every 3 inches on the long direction of the sheet. This product is typically stapled, nailed or screw applied to the substrate. It can also be tie wire attached to cold rolled grillage. Expanded  metal lath has diamond shaped openings made in a similar manner as rib lath but without the ribs. It too is attached with staples, nails screws or tie wire. Regardless of the lath being used, weather-resistant barrier paper should be omitted on ceilings and soffits. Strips of paper may be installed to minimize blow-by from a gun-applied scratch coat. These strips do not hold back water in the ceiling. While these strips of paper make it harder to tie wire the lath to the grillage, it is possible.

The flat and 3/8" galvanised iron rib lathing is designed for framing in various building constructions. According to table 3 of ASTM standard C 1063, expanded  metal steel lath is approved for use on the underside of horizontal surfaces with framing supports spaced up to 16" on center.

34 Steel Support Trellis Stakes For Vineyards And Climbing Plants Selling Steel Support Trellis Stakes For Vineyards… Mr_Cu_Lee_Li.htmlMr. Cu Lee Li 30 Sep 2018, 03:26

The vineyard trellising plant is also named vineyard stake, vineyard post, grape support post. The hot dip galvanized steel post /pole supports are mainly used in farms, orchards and gardens for vine plants.

Post/Pole Section size: 50x30mm, 50x34mm, 60x40mm
Post Thickness: 1.5mm as standard, Thickness: 1.2mm- 2.5mm
Length: 4ft,5ft,6ft,7ft, 8ft
Finish: Hot dipped galvanized, Electro Galvanized, Powder coated or PVC Coated
Material: Hot Dip Zinc Coated Steel Coil Sheet,
Height: 1500mm, 1800mm, 2200mm, 2400mm, 2800mm, etc
Material: Low carbon Steel: Q235.

35 Fence Panels Production Machine Selling Fence Panels Production Machine - Picture Mr_Cu_Lee_Li.htmlMr. Cu Lee Li 30 Sep 2018, 03:24

Technical Information:

Wire diameter applied: 2.5-6mm; 1.8mm-3.2mm
Longitude wire space: 50-300mm
Cross wire space: min. 25mm/12.7mm
Mesh sheet width: 1200-4000mm
Welding speed: 50-75 times/min
Welding transformer: 125kva*6pcs
Longitude wire feeding: pre-cut
Cross wire feeding: pre-cut & hopper
Welding electrodes: 48pcs

36 Galvanised Wire Trellis Supports Selling Galvanised Wire Trellis Supports - Picture Mr_Cu_Lee_Li.htmlMr. Cu Lee Li 30 Sep 2018, 03:23

Steel wire forms provide the climbing plants with natural support, enable them growing under control. The metal wire trellis supports make the plants less susceptible to pests and diseases by keeping the fruits off the ground.

Forms we supply:
Tomato Growing Cages (Square, Round, Triangle / Cone)
Tomato Planting Spiral Wires ( Tomato Trellis, Tomato Sticks, Tomato Twists).

Large cone shape wire-ring cages, black vinyl coated finish, with large graduated circle diameter for plants growing needs.

The round tomato cage has heavy-duty gauge with large height and top ring diameter for ample growing needs. The cone cage offers different ring diameter to suit different level of plants growing period.

37 Framed Standard Welded Mesh Panels Selling Framed Standard Welded Mesh Panels - Picture Mr_Cu_Lee_Li.htmlMr. Cu Lee Li 30 Sep 2018, 03:10

Framed Standard Welded Mesh Panels are widely used for zoo fencing, road fencing, temporary fencing, airport fencing, railway fencing and various security fencing applications. Steel posts: T post, star picket and Y post are provided with fence panels. Barbed tape concertina security toppings are strongly recommended especially when welded fence systems are designed for vulnerable sites, like jails, military sites, airdrome, high security border barriers. Heavy gauge and small mesh high security panels upon request. Surface treatment is commonly electro galvanizing, hot dipped zinc coating, plastic coating or vinyl coating. Hot dipped zinc coated welded mesh fence offers thicker zinc plating than electro galvanized one and stronger zinc plating adhesion, while costs a little higher. Plastic coated or vinyl coated wire fence has more colors available than galvanized welded fences.

Roll top mesh is a kind of spot welded mesh panel fence, offering firm and strong surface. This framed mesh fence offers high safety and more rigidity with a rolled panel top and bottom edge treatment. The common panel width is 3000mm and the the panel length are popular from 900 to 1800mm. Mainly used as schools fencing, sports, parks & play grounds fencing.

The posts with plastic caps connect with the panels while retaining high rigidity. Accessories ensure the easy installation.

38 Best Router Technical Support | +1-888-900-4896 Promotions Miss_Maria_Britt.htmlMiss Maria Britt 25 Sep 2018, 08:00

Routers are often considered as the "backbone of the internet" since routers provide the end-to-end delivery of data packets throughout networks and sub-networks critical to internet and device communications. Residential and small business customers depend on wired and wireless routers to connect to the internet and to communicate with peripheral devices such as network printers. If you are having irregular or steady issues associating with the internet or interfacing with a device on a wireless or wired network, we can help Router Technical Support Services.

Get in touch with our world-class router and network technical support team.
Toll Free Number: - 1-888-900-4896


39 Hp Printer Technical Support |Toll Free Number +1-888-900-4896 Promotions Miss_Maria_Britt.htmlMiss Maria Britt 20 Sep 2018, 08:02

When you need to print out a record for an important meeting inside couple of minutes and you open the document and tap the printer button, and sit tight for printer to work. Nothing, at that point a message pops up at the bottom - right corner of your PC desktop saying that printer is offline. Indeed, you're not the only one who is pestering with issue. We are here to help you in just a call, away.
If the HP Printer shows offline message and does not print, speak to our seasoned and professional certified technician on +1-888-900-4896 to get it fixed or
Visit : - https://americansofttechs.us


40 Aluminum Swimming Pool Fencing Selling Aluminum Swimming Pool Fencing - Picture Mr_Shi_Jinqiang.htmlMr. Shi Jinqiang 13 Sep 2018, 03:59

Aluminum portable fence is both structural as well as decorative. It provides permanent, maintenance free enclosures, and protective barriers in keeping with contemporary design requirements. Portable fence of aluminum has a natural, trim beauty that is difficult to attain with other fencing material.

Child safety pool fence is one of our main products. It is made of aluminium tube and special fabric (one kind of polyester mesh fabric utilizing a mildew resistent polyvinyal coating that provides year of using in the harshest sunlight and the most extreme winter) and other fittings.

Regular Size:
Pool Fence Panel Size: 4'' x 6'' , 4'' x 9'' , 4'' x 12'' , 4'' x 15'' , 4'' x 18'' .
Fence Gate: 30'' x 48'' , 36'' x 48'' , 36'' x 60''.

Installation Information:
Durable aluminum swimming pool fence kits for ground swimming pools are easy to install. Popular installation are 6', 9' and 12' with a pole on each end and a pole every 3'.

Fence Height: 4' from the ground;
Poles underground is 4";
The part of the pole that goes underground is 1/2" in diameter and made of stainless steel;
The part of the pole above ground is aluminium and PVC and overall diameter of 1".

41 Electric Wire Horse Fencing System Selling Electric Wire Horse Fencing System - Picture Mr_Shi_Jinqiang.htmlMr. Shi Jinqiang 13 Sep 2018, 03:58

Electric portable fence can be used with wood Stakes, timber and other posts. Made of high tensile steel wire, this kind of wire fence is strong for keeping and breeding animals. High tensile field fence is also known as deer fence, sheep fence, horse fence, cattle fence, etc. Also known as farming fence, electric wire cable fencing, or electrical wire horse fencing. We provide electric wire and the whole fencing system.

Electric Wire Horse Fencing System
With Multi Wire Treadin Posts of PP150, PP, UV stablized
Length 150cm, 130 cm above ground
Spike material: steel, galvanised
Spike size: Diameter 8 mm x 20 mm
Unit weight: 360 g
The multi wire treadin posts can hold 8 wires or tapes.

We offer standard wire fence netting. Custom sizes and specifications are available upon request to meet your specific needs.

42 Framed Chain Link Portable Fence Selling Framed Chain Link Portable Fence - Picture Mr_Shi_Jinqiang.htmlMr. Shi Jinqiang 13 Sep 2018, 03:57

Diamond opening chain link fence fabrics can be made into portable fences and be used in various security applications. The mesh fabrics can be galvanized mesh, plastic coated galvanized mesh, vinyl coated or aluminumized steel mesh. Framed chain link fence system is composed with Mesh Panels, Fencing Gates and Steel Pipe Frames connected with fittings.

We offer chain link fabrics with two types of end: barbed wire or knuckled end.

Material: quality galvanized iron wire
Features: Well distributed wire opening
Flat surface
Nice appearance
PVC coated available
Diamond mesh type chain link wire fence offers stronger texture compared with welded wire fences.

Diamond mesh temporary fence fabrics are typically sold in 50' rolls. We will cut rolls to exact size for local deliveries and pick-ups only.

Diamond mesh portable fences we can offer:
PVC Coated Diamond Mesh Chain Link Portable Fence
Aluminum Chain Link Mesh Fence
Stainless Steel Chain Link Fence

43 Portable Framework Metal Fence Panels Selling Portable Framework Metal Fence Panels… Mr_Shi_Jinqiang.htmlMr. Shi Jinqiang 13 Sep 2018, 03:57

Portable wire mesh fences with frames have three main components: fence fabrics, fence posts and clips. Our framed mobile fencing products are manufactured complying to Australia standards, while various international standards can be made.Hot dipped galvanized mobile fence for Australia, New zealand, Hot Dip Galvanised coating is 42 microns.

The framed temp fence is portable, modular and free standing fencing. It is a decorative modular panel fence solution for a yard, patio, deck, terrace, outdoor restaurant and other sites control.

Portable fence with frames is moveable, self standing partitions with frames. Our modular fence panel designs come with steel frames, single sided panel or double sided panels.

Material: Low Carbon Steel Wire
Surface treatment: Galvanized; Galv. +PVC Coated or spraying.
Color: Green
Square pipe for making square column.

Benefits of Framed Mobile Fencing:

Quick installations & removal.
No digging or pavement damage.
Easy to relocate & stackable.
Low cost.

44 Modular Security Fence Selling Modular Security Fence - Picture Mr_Shi_Jinqiang.htmlMr. Shi Jinqiang 13 Sep 2018, 03:56

Module wire mesh panel is a highly visible full-mesh welded panel with a galvanized and powder-coated finish.

Modular Security Fencing is supplied in systemized metal panels with standard size for easy handling. Custom size available.

We offer a wide range of systemized modular frames and 3D fence, from modular standardized production.

Modular Framed Mesh Panels for Australia Market.
Frame pipe 40x1.5mm, panel size 2.1m h x 2.4m width; Panel wire dia. 4.0 mm, mesh 50x100mm welded.

Temp modular fence panel is a highly visible full-mesh panel with a galvanized and powder-coated finish.

Temporary barrier panels are of triple wire construction for extra strength and rigidity, galvanized and powder-coated in high visible yellow. The panels also incorporate an integral base board.

Powder coated standard cell / module temporary wire mesh fence with PVC green coated post column and base plate for perimeter security.

45 Galvanised Steel Tube Railing Fencing Panels Selling Galvanised Steel Tube Railing Fencing Panels… Mr_Shi_Jinqiang.htmlMr. Shi Jinqiang 13 Sep 2018, 03:10

We supply hot dipped galvanised temporary fence made of steel tubes welded with frame and infilling panels, and base feet. The temporary control system is a hollow section steel fencing used to secure traffic and events.

Material : low carbon steel wire Q195 Q235 .low carbon steel pipe tube.
Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized 300g/sm zinc; or hot dipped galvanized + painted.

We supply frame tube temporary fence with Infill Steel Tube Railings, designed for easy installation by using:
Galvanised clamps;
Three types of bases: bridge feet, cross feet and flat feet type.

Protection from theft and accidents;
Secure building area;
Special event crowd control.
For major public events, playgrounds, sports, concerts, festivals, gatherings.

46 Powder Coated Aluminum Fence Selling Powder Coated Aluminum Fence - Picture Mr_Ju_Yi.htmlMr. Ju Yi 24 Aug 2018, 11:16

Polyester Powder Coated Aluminum Fence is the most popular general purpose fencing material. The decorative metal fencing finds extensive applications in security fences, residential fencing and garden border fencing. In addition to safety barrier, the polyester powder coated metal fence railings add a touch of vintage to the buildings and sites. Also known as Ornamental Fence. We supply Aluminum Fence System with post railings, decorative or security top designs, gates and other accessories.

Flat top, open top, round top, bow top, spear, picket or pointed top.
Decorative flat rail top, round top and bow top fences are mainly used as boundary fences, or swimming pool fence, pet fences.
Spear or picket top fences are mainly used as security fence providing a higher level of safety for certain sites.

Aluminum Ornamental Railing Panels, Black Powder Coated Finish, Spear Top, Distance between pipe post is approx. 12 inch', Height of panel 5 inch, for Canada villa / residential area.

Aluminum Picket Fence Element: 1000x 1940 mm and 1200x 1940, Aluminum tube Rail : 38 x 25 x 1.5mm, Picket:16 x 16x 1.2 mm

Aluminum Palisade Fence, 3 meter Height with Aluminum Palisade Fence Gate, 2m x 3m, for Power Plant Construction. Post 50.8*50.8*1.6, 36"H X 72"W.

47 Aluminum Perforated Sheet Selling Aluminum Perforated Sheet - Picture Mr_Ju_Yi.htmlMr. Ju Yi 24 Aug 2018, 11:14

Aluminum Perforated Sheet is the most popular architectural cladding and decoration material for building walls, facades, columns, ceilings, roofs, canopies or balconies. Perforated sheet is punched to mesh from mainly aluminium plate and other metals. We produce perforated panels not only from aluminum and aluminum alloy (1100 or 3003 usually), but also materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, copper plate or nickel plate.

Perforated Panels in Aluminium come with different sizes, patterns, colors and shapes based on clients' requirements. The light weight and customizable design make Aluminum Perforated Sheet popular choices applied to the building façade or curtain wall systems. A wide variety of architectural designs can be achieved by using perforated metal cladding in either interior or exterior decoration.

PVDF Coatings Available in all RAL colors

PVDF coated perforated aluminum is durable and resistant to rains / moisture, sunlight and chemicals.
Applied to Perforated Sheet used for outdoor or exterior building walls decoration.

Powder / Polyester Coating

Powder coated aluminum perforated panels are mainly applied to interior / indoor decorations.
A variety of architectural textures is rendered easily with powder coating.

Juyi Products Fall into Five Major Series:

Decorative & Architectural Mesh
Anti Slip & Flooring Sheet
Filter Mesh
Security & Building Materials
Wires & Miscellaneous

48 Aluminum Mesh Disc Selling Aluminum Mesh Disc - Picture Mr_Ju_Yi.htmlMr. Ju Yi 24 Aug 2018, 11:12

Aluminum Expanded Mesh Disc is a further processed product of micro hole expanded mesh plate. The stainless steel and aluminum flattened expanded mesh circular screen is normally used as filter packs and pizza screen.

Aluminum Mesh Pizza Screens with seamless rim design allow air to circulate beneath the crust. The aluminum mesh structure enables quick heating and saving of baking time.

Diamond Mesh Pizza Screen
Pizza Pan Screen Mesh, Material: stainless steel, aluminum, alumium alloy.
Pizza screen diameter: 6'',9'',12'',14'.
Thickness: 1-3mm
Hole Shape: Diamond.


Expanded Micro Mesh can be processed into Air Filter Element with frame, round disk, 115 mm disc diameter, Screen holes 2 mm, anodized surface finishes.

49 Anti Skidding Checkered Plate Selling Anti Skidding Checkered Plate - Picture Mr_Ju_Yi.htmlMr. Ju Yi 24 Aug 2018, 11:10

Chequers Options: 5 Bar Chequers, 3 Bars, 2 Bars, 1 Bar, Diamond, etc.

Anti Skidding Checkered Plate is a special perforated metal with raised patterns for safety steps. With excellent decorative and anti-slipping performances, Aluminium Checkered Plate is mainly used in architectural and engineering structures. As tread plates, flooring decks, anti-slippery floors, building materials, decorative or antiskid panels in vehicles or machines. This chequered metal is easy to be pressure processed, extended and bent. Easy to be welded.

We provide checkered plates in aluminium, also other materials (stainless steel, carbon steel and etc). Aluminum material applied is mainly composed of aluminum, magnesium and silicon.

We deal with various processed metal sheets embossed, punched, and chequered. Just provide your desired parameters, and we will spare no effort to deliver the most satisfying product for you.

Industrial Manufactures:

It can be used as checker plate floor in vehicles, such as van-type vehicle catwalk flooring, step of the bus or truck, train inspection hole lid and tank car. It is also produced into the machined part, deep-drawn or spinned part, welded part and heat exchanger of the cars. In addition, It is usually seen on fire trucks and truck toolboxes.

Aluminum alloy material has excellent corrosion resistance in seawater, hence, Anti Slip Checkered Aluminum Plate is widely used in ship-building industry. Mainly for fabricating of ship decking, corridor floor, passageway, stairway, warehouse flooring, bridges floors, stairs, cabin deck, gangway to the floating docks, etc.

The lightness in weight, corrosion resistance and decorative pattern enable Aluminum Diamond Plate to be utilized in architectural designs. You can find it in architectural floors, stairs, shelves, wall tiles & splashbacks, counter tops & work surfaces, wall cladding, elevator screens, panelling kitchen & bathroom accessories, shop decoration, bar decoration, etc.

50 Electroplated Cca Wire Selling Electroplated Cca Wire - Picture Mr_Ju_Yi.htmlMr. Ju Yi 24 Aug 2018, 11:08

Electroplated CCA (Copper Coated Aluminum Wire) Wire is a kind of copper coated aluminum wire, produced through electroplating method. It is made with pure aluminum wire as the core and depositing the copper layer evenly on the surface of aluminum core.

Features: CCA wire enjoys the wonderful conductivity of copper and the light-weight of aluminum.

CCA wire finds popular application in transmission and conductivity field in industries:

In high frequency signal transmission field, it is applied to:
- Standard Material of Conductor in CATV Coaxial Cable;
- 50 Ohm Radio Frequency Aerial;
- Leaky Cable;
- Soft Coaxial Radio Frequency Cable;
- Data Cable

In power transmission field, it can be applied to:
- Stranded wire;
- Power Cable;
- Control Cable;
- automotive cable;
- Building distribution wire;
- Busbar;
- Radio Frequency shielding;

In special electromagnetic wire, it can be applied to:
- Coils in motor and fans, mahjong machine, Loudspeakers
- Voice coils (e.g. in Headphone, Headset)
- Windings.

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