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No Port Name Country State/Region Description
1 001 Tianjin/shanghai/shenzhen Port China.htmlChina Shanghai
2 Agadir Port Morocco.htmlMorocco Souss Massa-Draâ
3 Airport Pontianak - Indonesi Port Indonesia.htmlIndonesia West Kalimantan
4 Alexandria Port Egypt.htmlEgypt Alexandria The Port of Alexandria is on the West Verge of the Nile Delta between the Mediterranean Sea and Mariut Lake in Alexandria, Egypt. Considered the second most important city and the main port in Egypt, it handles over three quarters of Egypt's foreign trade. Alexandria port consists of two harbours (East and West) separated by a T-shaped peninsula. The East harbour is shallow and is not navigable by large vessels. The West harbour is used for commercial shipping. The harbour is formed by two converging breakwaters.
5 Amman Air Port Jordan.htmlJordan Amman
6 Antwerp Port Belgium.htmlBelgium Antwerpen The Port of Antwerp, in Belgium, is a port accessible to capesize ships in the heart of Europe. Antwerp stands at the upper end of the tidal estuary of the Scheldt. The estuary is navigable by ships of more than 100,000 Gross Tons as far as 80 km inland. The inland location means that the port of Antwerp enjoys a more central location in Europe than the majority of North Sea ports. Antwerp's docks are connected to the hinterland by rail, waterway and road. As a result the port of Antwerp has become one of Europe's largest sea ports, ranking second behind Rotterdam by total freight shipped. Its international rankings vary from 11th to 20th (AAPA). In 2009, the Port of Antwerp handled 157,800,000 MT of trade and offered liner services to 800 different maritime destinations.
7 Any Port Russia.htmlRussia Novosibirsk Oblast
8 Apapa Port Nigeria.htmlNigeria Lagos Apapa is the major port of the city of Lagos, Nigeria, and is located to the west of Lagos Island, across Lagos Harbour. It is also one of Nigeria's 774 Local Government Areas. Apapa is the site of a major container terminal, which was owned and operated by the Nigerian government until March 2005, when it was sold to the Danish firm A. P. Moller-Maersk Group for about US$1 billion.
9 Aqaba Jordan.htmlJordan Amman
10 Bangkok Port Thailand.htmlThailand Bangkok
11 Beirut Port Lebanon.htmlLebanon al-Shamal
12 Bin Qasim Port Pakistan.htmlPakistan Sindh The Port Muhammad Bin Qasim also known as Port Qasim, is a seaport in Karachi, Pakistan on the coastline of the Arabian Sea. It is Pakistan's second busiest port, handling about 35% of the nation's cargo (17 million tons per annum). Port Qasim and Karachi Port, the busiest port of country, together handle more than 90% of all external trade of Pakistan. The port encompasses a total area of 12,000 acres wherein many industrial zones operate. In addition to the Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) and KESC Bin Qasim Power Plant, around 80% of the Pakistan's automotive industry is located at Port Qasim. The port also provides direct waterfront access to two major nearby industrial areas, Export Processing Zone (Landhi) and Korangi Industrial Area. Approximately 60% of country's export and import is originated from these areas. Port Qasim is managed by Port Qasim Authority, a semi-autonomous government body.
13 Bogota Port Colombia.htmlColombia Cundinamarca
14 Buenos Aires Argentina.htmlArgentina Buenos Aires
15 Burgas Port Bulgaria.htmlBulgaria Plovdiv
16 Busan Port South_Korea.htmlSouth Korea Gyeonggi-do Busan Port is the fifth largest port in the world. The city is located on the southeasternmost tip of the Korean peninsula and faces the Korea Strait. The most densely built up areas of the city are situated in a number of narrow valleys between the Nakdong River and Suyeong River, with mountains separating some of the districts. Administratively, it is designated as a Metropolitan City. The Busan metropolitan area is divided into 15 major administrative districts and a single county.
17 Cai Lan Port Vietnam.htmlVietnam Quang Ninh Cai Lan Port is a deep marine port, one of the most important ports in the North of Vietnam. With the natural advantages of a deep and large basin adjacent to mouth of the sea and navigable channels, Cai Lan Port has been developed to satisfy the requirements of marine transportation. Currently, the port can handle ships with a capacity of 25,000 tons. In future, Cai Lan Port will be a developed and enlarged into a modern, deep marine port of international standard to serve the north of Viet Nam.
18 Can Tho Port Vietnam.htmlVietnam Can Tho
19 Casablanca Port Morocco.htmlMorocco Casablanca
20 Catalonia Port Spain.htmlSpain Cataluña
21 Changchun Port China.htmlChina Jilin
22 Changsha Port China.htmlChina Hunan
23 Chennai Port India.htmlIndia Tamil Nadu Chennai Port formerly known as Madras Port, is the second largest port of India, behind the Mumbai Port. It is over 125 years old. This was a major travel port before becoming a major container port. It is a substantial reason for the economic growth of Tamil Nadu, especially for the manufacturing boom in South India. Its container traffic crossed 1 million TEUs for the first time in 2008. It is currently ranked the 91st largest container port and is expanding in the coming years. Chennai Port has 24 alongside berths in the 3 Docks viz., Dr.Ambedkar Dock, satabt Jawahar Dock, Bharathi Dock and Container Terminal. Chennai Port handles a variety of cargo including iron ore, coal, granite, fertilizers, petroleum products, containers, automobiles and several other types of general cargo items. Due to the increase in container traffic, a second container terminal was planned and tender works given to PSASical. It has asked for support for a mega container terminal. The terminal would be the first deep-water terminal of its kind in India and would be able to handle ultra-large container ships of 13,000-15,000 TEUs capacity and length exceeding 400 m[3]. The management of the container terminal was taken over by P&O Ports of Australia. This has a volume growth of 20 per cent per year and has 59 per cent of the market share of South India. It has services to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Korea, China, Mediterranean, Europe, Australia and the United States. The port has a current depth of 17 m and is capable of handling fourth-generation vessels. It is going through an expansion and will have a depth of 18-22 m, a continuous quay length of 2 km and back-up area of around 100 hectares. Two new breakwaters for a total length of 4 km will be constructed - one as extension of the existing outer arm and the other extending from the fishing harbor breakwater. The consequent silting will reclaim about 300 hectares of land. The mega terminal will be built on a 100-hectare portion of this land. This will help it handle the latest generation vessels. Though the port is largely a container port, it has strategic importance as 3 service berths are allotted to the Indian Navy.
24 China Main Ports China.htmlChina Hunan
25 China Port China.htmlChina Zhejiang
26 Chongqing Port China.htmlChina Chongqing Chongqing is a major city in southwestern China. Administratively, it is one of the People's Republic of China's four provincial-level direct-controlled municipalities, and the only such municipality in western China. The municipality was created on 14 March 1997, succeeding the sub-provincial city administration that was part of Sichuan Province. In 2007, the municipality of Chongqing had a population of 31.4423 million.[1] It has jurisdiction over 19 districts, 17 counties, and four autonomous counties.
27 Cif Any World Main Sea Port Jordan.htmlJordan Amman
28 Cif Port Jordan.htmlJordan Amman
29 Cochin Port India.htmlIndia Kerala
30 Colombo Sri_Lanka.htmlSri Lanka Western
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