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    Plant Fiber - Cassava - Price 450-500 US$ per Metric Ton - FOB Nigeria

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  • Short Description: CASSAVA:

    All cassava products have export potentials ranging from the simplest that is garri, to the most complex; modified starches and Biodegradable plastics.

  • Delivery Time/s: 36 days
  • Packaging Details: in bags
  • Date of Publication: 04 Oct 2010
  • Published By: Mr. Onyekachi Ngodo,   E_l_o_Ngodo_Enterprises_Limited.htmlE.l.o Ngodo Enterprises Limited
  • Publisher Location (according to IP address): Nigeria.htmlNigeria  - Lagos, Lagos
  • Product Photo: Cassava - Price 450-500 US$ per Metric Ton…
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  • Detailed Description:


    All cassava products have export potentials ranging from the simplest that is garri, to the most complex; modified starches and Biodegradable plastics. Garri is well consumed in North African countries e.g. from Chad, Niger upwards whereas their deserts land cannot sustain the cultivation of cassava. Massive production can be targeted towards these countries. Also, garri is in high demand as ethnic food in the U.S.A and Europe by the African / Caribbean races resident there.
    However, the most important export products are cassava chips and pellets that are targeted at the animal husbandry sector in all the countries of Europe, U.S.A, and Asia. In 2000,over 10 million meteric tones of cassava chips /pellets were consumed as animal feed in Europe.
    For instance, in Germany 10-40 percent of cassava is allowed in compound feeding stuff for pigs, 20-25 per cent for poultry while in Netherlands and Belgium the figure are much lower. Presently the poor price for these products is an inhibition for exporters as the competing countries produces at a lower cost than Nigeria. It may be profitable for a direct farmer to process into chips/pellets for exports.
    European countries also import starch from developing countries used for cloth sizing, cloth finishing and printing as well as in the production of adhesives.
    Several of these cassava products can also be targeted towards the west coast especially Japan and China. If well planned, cassava exports alone may bring annual foreign exchange than petroleum resources.

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    1 E.l.o Ngodo Enterprises Limited
    E.l.o Ngodo Enterprises Limited
    Nigeria.htmlNigeria Lagos E.l.o Ngodo Enterprises Limited - Company/Product… we are exporters in agricultural products and these are the products that we export. Product Description: we export these products, yam flour, Dried split Ginger, Garlic, Soya Beans, Bitter Kola (Gacinia Kola), sesame seed, Sunflower seeds, Cashew Nut, palm oil, cassava flour, peanuts, zobo leave, Hardwood charcoal, cocoa beans seed, Consultancy services.
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    Fresh Vegetables
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    E.l.o Ngodo Enterprises Limited - Company…

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    1 Mr. Onyekachi Ngodo E_l_o_Ngodo_Enterprises_Limited.htmlE.l.o Ngodo Enterprises Limited Manager +13473214632 - Login to Gcoupon - USA.htmlUSA 29 Sep 2010
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    London, City of, London

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    1 Nigeria Abuja Western Africa 923,768 km² 111,506,000 people
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