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  • Company Name

    Smdr International

  • Company Introduction: We have more than 15 years striving reputation in product trade and manufacturing. We deal in commodities like computer hardware, software, networking products, especially selling memory cards in very competitive price.

  • Company Logo: Smdr International
  • Country: Hong_Kong.htmlHong Kong
  • State/Region: New Territories
  • City: New Territories
  • Zip/Postal Code: N/A
  • Street: B7/8F, 2-8 Efforts Estate, Kung Yip St, Kwai Chung Nt
  • Phone: +85264453331
  • Skype: smdrhk
  • Company Email:
  • Company Web Site:
  • Company Certification: CE Certificate
    ISO 9001:2000
  • Company Location:
  • Company Description:

    We are exporters, distributors, trader, retailer and deal in variety of products with direct contacts of manufacturers, seller & buyers world wide.

    As time is money, we save individuals time having ability to supply all your needs from a one point of call for most of your services. We are pleased to be of service! We support OEM.


    Additionally, we are in recycle products trade.
    We sell/buy electronically tested virgin and non-virgin empty inkjet cartridges.
    We accept challenge to supply in volume within a stipulated time frame of all your needs in Empty inkjet and toner cartridges.

  • Smdr international - Employees

    No Full Name Company Position Phone Email Country Registration Date on
    1 Mr. Cai Yin Smdr_International.htmlSmdr International Business Development Manager +85264453331 - Login to Gcoupon - Hong_Kong.htmlHong Kong 16 Jun 2011
    About You:
    Obedient, Goal oriented, dedicated, hard work

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