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  • Company Name

    Mobilusso Furniture & Antique

  • Company Introduction: We are manufacturer and wholesaler founded in June 2007 in Damietta, Egypt.
    Since then, we relied on two-pronged strategy;
    Pay attention to product quality and maintain the best price - Delivery on time.

    - At MobiLusso we are keen to understand the needs of our clients to provide them with the best service and the highest value.
    - Our strategy and target is, we want to service our clients with most quality and competitive price.

    Check out our site to see more, ...

  • Company Logo: Mobilusso Furniture & Antique
  • Local Company Name: موبى لوسو للاثاث
  • Country: Egypt.htmlEgypt
  • State/Region: Damietta
  • City: Damietta
  • Zip/Postal Code: 34511
  • Street: Mehwar Street, Ring Road
  • Phone: +2 0100 8680690
  • Skype: mobilusso
  • Company Email:
  • Company Web Site:
  • Year Company Registered: 2007 Year
  • Company Location:
  • Company Description:

    We are manufacturer and wholesaler  for manufacture of luxury italian furniture, country french furniture reproductions,
    hotel furniture warehouse, carved wood furniture, wholesale antique furniture, european antique furniture, egyptian french furniture, antique home furniture, Louis XV style furniture, wholesale antique furniture, european antique furniture, antique italian furniture, english antique furniture, hotels interior design, hotel furnishings and modern, classic furnishings, wooden doors, wooden chairs, modern bed room, dining room table, buffets, wardrobes, bedroom dressers, bedroom sets, Marquetry with bronze, Regency, Empire styles, Rococo, louis philippe, art deco style, art nouveau style, hand-painted furniture, antique headboards, antique sideboards, antique coffee tables ...

    "Tutti i nostri prodotti sono fatti a mano, modelli delle nostre linee di produzioni sono mobili italiani; Dipinto a mano , Art deco, mobili voluminosi, riproduzione i mobili dei francesi ; Intarsiatura con ottone (bronzo), Louis XVI, Louis XV, reggenza, legno ha intagliato la mobilia, stili dell'impero - sedie italiane e francese - arredamento dell'albergo ed arredamento moderno e classico".

    - Also we can manufacture your own designs according to the dimensions & colors.
    - We seek to combine cultures, antique designs and this is what motivates us to develop new ideas through our varied product line for create a better lifestyle.
    - We also in providing our clients the best cost value in furniture & Antiques. Our products are very competition, we offer them at a lower cost to you.
    We believe in providing great products at a very best price, and does just that.

    In order to ensure that we achieve the highest quality of the product;
    - We drain wood according to universal standards from 8% to 12% before we use it, to avoid any after manufacturing defects.
    - We have our own special techniques in finishes in addition to using environmentally friendly paints.
    - Manufacturing of each piece is done carefully by our skilled craftsmen to ensure that our clients receive a unique piece worthy of them.
    - We make sure that everything is alright before handing over our work to ensure that what the client wants (wishes) is what he gets, because we realize that your success is our success.

    - We highly appreciate your interest in furniture, so any inquiries , ideas or suggestions will be considered carefully before we reply and contact you with the information, ...
    - Check out our website to see more products ...

  • Local Company Description:

    نحن شركة اثاث مصرية متخصصة فى تصميم و تصنيع الاثاث الايطالى و الفرنسى 

    Reproduction French antique Furniture, Luxury Italian Furniture, Wooden carved, hotels interior design....
    سعينا الى التميز يجعل عملائنا دائما فى صميم عملنا لذا, قبل التصنيع نبدأ بفهم احتياجات عملائنا, لنوفر لهم الخدمة و الجودة التى يتوقعونها.
    لهذا نهتم دائما بالمهارات المهنية للحفاظ على كفاءة الحرفيين المهرة, لتحقيق نتائج عاليةالجودة.
    يمكنكم ملاحظة ذلك خلال تصفح موقعنا:

    نعمل على توفير افضل جودة للمنتج و الحفاظ على اسعار مقبولة لعملائنا.
    يسعدنا تلقى كافة استفساراتكم و اقتراحاتكم;

    نحن حقا نقدر اهتمامكم بالاثاث لذا, تأكد انه سيتم دراسة مقترحاتكم و استفساراتكم  بعناية و ارسال كافة المعلومات لكم

  • Mobilusso furniture & antique - Employees

    No Full Name Company Position Phone Email Country Registration Date on
    1 Mr. Mohamed Shaheen Mobilusso_Furniture_Antique.htmlMobilusso Furniture & Antique Partner/co-Owner +201008680690 - Login to Gcoupon - Egypt.htmlEgypt 03 Dec 2011
    About You:
    Please visit our website for more info:

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    Al Qahirah, Cairo

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