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    Dixie Health Inc

  • Company Introduction: Dixie Health, Inc. manufacturers of natural health and skin care products including Dermal K, Progestone 900, Estro - gyne, Super Testron, Dermal XL, KH3\GHQ10 - the Natural Growth Hormone Precursor Cream, Dermal C, Dermal E, Androstenedione, DHEA, Progestone HP, Progestone 10, Vasoderm, and many other fine products. All of our products are made with the highest purity of pharmaceutical grade substances along with all natural ingredients

  • Company Name: Dixie Health Inc
  • Country: USA.htmlUSA
  • Company Email:
  • Company Web Site:
  • Year Company Registered: 1988 Year
  • Number of Employees in the Company: 11 - 20 People
  • Type of Business: Distributor/Wholesaler
  • Date of Publication: 01 Oct 2010

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